Designing responsive and performant iOS apps can be a frustrating chore for new developers. Conventional constraints can easily get confusing, or act erratically as you link and constrain elements against each other. Alternatively, designing user interfaces programmatically may be preferred, but can take years of mastery and an in-depth understanding of the underlying display engine; and we haven’t even considered the varying sizes and layouts!

If you’re having issues laying out your interface and getting it to play nicely with the various sizes and orientations, here are some quick tips using nested StackViews that may be able to help you…

Swift: Resolving “No Assistant Results” in Xcode 12 — Check This FIRST!

So you’ve laid out your storyboard, imported your assets, completed some initial coding work, and now you’re ready to start creating outlets. There’s only one problem — you’re getting “No Assistant Results” when you open up the Assistant Editor!

In my previous post, I laid out the frustrations with Swift, and particularly, the changes in Xcode that can lead you down hair-pulling dead ends when you search Google for possible solutions. I will list the other solutions below, but check this first!

  1. Start by opening your view controller that should be linked to your storyboard and look for the class…

New programming languages are born regularly; whether it’s a part of a computer science course, a small incremental evolution of an existing language, or something completely different, new programming languages are a dime a dozen. If you’re like me, however, you’ve been watching the rise of Swift, the evolution of Apple’s ecosystem, and the upcoming ARM revolution and decided to learn Swift!

As with learning any new programming language, there are going to be brick walls that you’ll run headfirst into. Swift is no different, and in my opinion, stands alone as the most frustrating popular modern language to date…

December 21, 2018 — In September, the Nano Foundation enlisted Red4Sec, a leading cybersecurity firm, to conduct a professional and comprehensive audit of the Nano protocol. The audit includes both a penetration test of the official Nano representatives and node software, as well as a full audit of the Nano consensus mechanism.

“When we began the challenge of finding a firm qualified to conduct a security audit, we were immediately impressed with the knowledge of cryptography and distributed systems possessed by the Red4Sec team,” said Nano founder Colin LeMahieu. …

A new milestone enters testing, London meetup, and more!

Join Colin and George this Wednesday, August 8th @ The Cat & Mutton in London!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday!

We have a big week ahead of us as the final checks on v15 are coming together. The team is hard at work preparing a new test branch that will hit the beta network this week!

As many of you may know, v14.3 was originally slated to hit last week, but as we got further into development and testing, the call was made to push those changes into the v15 milestone release. Development continues on Lazy Bootstrapping, Vote by Hash, and Vote stapling — which all should be appearing in upcoming versions.

The release notes…

Austin Ramsdale

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